ConCERT – "Connecting Communities, Environment & Responsible Tourism" - is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our vision is a Cambodia free of poverty; our mission is to maximise the benefits from tourism and travel of all kinds for the most vulnerable people in Cambodia.

Many visitors to Cambodia witness the harsh realities of poverty at first hand.  They then want to help, but are unsure how:

  • How should you respond to street children begging for food or money?
  • What are the issues surrounding many orphanages in Cambodia, and are there better alternative solutions for children in desperate need?
  • What makes a successful volunteer placement, and what can go wrong if these requirements are not in place?
  • How can you do something positive if you only have a day or two to spare?
  These are just a few of the issues ConCERT staff deal with every day.  Call in and see us at our information centres in Sister Srey Café, New Leaf Book Café, or, (from early 2014), Haven training restaurant, when you’re in town, or take a look through our website to find out how you can best offer your support.



Bikes for Helping Hands Cambodia

With the resources of our donation box in Victoria Hotel we were able to buy 8 new bikes for Helping Hands Cambodia.Read more!

13 - 03 - 2014

ConCERT's new staff members

New faces at ConCERT! Sary joined our team and Nadja, an intern from Germany, will support us for the next 4 months. Learn more about them.

11 - 02 - 2014

New ConCERT information points

We are now happy to meet you at our information points in the centre of Siem Reap. Learn more.

22 - 11 - 2013

ConCERT in new book "Unsung Heroes"

ConCERT was dedicated a whole chapter in the new book "Unsung Heroes". It is for sale at our office for 35$. Learn more.

07 - 06 - 2013

2nd National Forum on Volunteerism

Michael delivered a speech on the problems of voluntourism. The event was supported by the UN and held in Phnom Penh.

06 - 12 - 2012

ConCERT and Businesses

The piece is about how and why we work with businesses and what's in for them.

23 - 10 - 2012

The Impact of Tourism to Cambodia

ConCERT's thoughts on the positive aspects of tourism and how tourism can contribute to help all people involved.

27 - 8 - 2012

Child Protection Trainings

The Child Protection Trainings, Michael started giving in the beginning of the year 2012 has already reached the 300 attendee mark!

21 - 8 - 2012

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Hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and other businesses supporting our work..
Some ideas to help, like Donating, Ecotours, Raising Awareness, Sponsoring..
Tour groups, school visits or professionals who wish to get involved during their stay in Siem Reap..

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