Businesses Supporting ConCERT..

Our aim to reduce poverty by bringing together projects active in the community, with visitors who would like to give their support, can only be realised by the engagement of the local businesses - hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, bars, shops, tour operators, etc.

There is a long tradition of Siem Reap businesses assisting local projects, and this number is increasing. More and more businesses in the town are exploring how they can be profitable, environmentally sustainable, and at the same time bring real benefits to the most disadvantaged groups of people in the local communities.

ConCERT is funded by the fees paid by our projects and business members in Siem Reap; the majority of that figure is from our member businesses. They have ConCERT leaflets in their premises, and respond to queries from guests and customers by directing them to our office.

In addition to referring their guests to ConCERT, management and staff are coming up with innovative ways to get involved.

Our business members are a vital part of our work; please support them in turn by patronising their businesses during your stay.

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